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Most Popular Tours:

The Old City of Jerusalem: 3 Religions

Dome of the rock

The holy and complex city thousands of years old that became a place of yearning and identification for Jews, Christians and Moslems. On foot, we will meet people from the wide variety of culture and religions that live in the Old City. We will visit the holy places of all 3 religions: Dome of the Rock, Western Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. We will wend our way through the charming narrow streets, will enjoy hidden courtyards and go onto concealed roofs to view the city.  We will be intoxicated by the myriad scents from the colorful markets and the voices of the stall owners. We will hear stories of the past and the present that will give us food for thought for the future.


Jerusalem: Conflict & Dialogue

Separation wall

For thousands of years, Jerusalem was conquered and controlled by countless empires and rulers. Until today, Jerusalem is divided and surrounded by walls, both seen and unseen. We will visit the separating wall in Abu Dis, City of David located in Silwan village. In the crowded streets of Sheikh Jarah and the old city, live people of a variety of religions and beliefs that love and hate each other at the same time. We will discover symbols and signs hidden from passersby that will tell us about the enchanted but painful reality of the people of Jerusalem, the city everyone covets, where they still don’t know how to live with her in peace.


The Dead Sea

Dead sea

The lowest point earth is also among the most magical. An extraordinary natural phenomenon. We will visit amazing historical sites whose beauty, charm and stories can’t be missed. We will swim on the calmest and best beach along the Dead Sea.  We will go to a fascinating Christian baptism site on the Jordan River and do hidden monasteries build on cliffs along the canyons. We will visit an oasis with surprisingly rich wildlife and abandoned buildings that conceal wonderful stories and art.

Jaffa and Tel Aviv: Life and Stories


The historic port of Jerusalem, city of enchanting stories. A city that absorbed the myths and legends of the many peoples that passed through her. The city that gave birth to Tel Aviv and was afterward consumed her. We will visit the Ottoman Clock Square, the Canaanite peak of Jaffa with its amazing view, unique churches, the ancient, narrow streets that speak to us through the stones and artists that live there. We will visit the ancient and important port of Jaffa, and we will go along the coast on top of the ruins of the Palestinian village Manshia, to the impressive neighborhood of Nave Tzedek that tells the story of the departure from the walls of Jaffa and the establishment of the city of Tel Aviv. We will visit houses that will tell us about Messianic communities, pioneers and refugees and we will finish up in the city that doesn’t stop being itself—a pulsing city full of life and creativity.

Desert and Galilee

desert gathering Negev Arava

 The desert in the south of Israel, and the Galilee in the north—2 different worlds that are within a two hour drive of Jerusalem. We will meet communities of minorities and visit holy sites in magical natural surroundings, and ancient cities of extinct cultures. We will sail in lakes and swim in springs, and we will enjoy hospitality in a Bedouin tent or Druze home. We will look at a star-filled sky and meet people that contribute to both the environment and society. When we return after two days, we will feel as if with this small trip we visited another world.

Special tours

People and nature in Jerusalem mountains

Oasis of peace

Experience Nataf, a unique community village in the mountains of Jerusalem, home to Elad Vazana, your tour guide. Here stories about the life and experiences of an Israeli who has dedicated himself to building peace and humanizing "the other". Visit the village with its artists and stunning views of the valley. Explore nature - take part in a short hike to visit local springs, old village ruins and more (optional). Tour Abu Ghosh - learn about an Arab village with a special history and visit holy places of different religions inside the village.

Living Peace and Challenges

Olive mountenVisit Neve shalom/ Wahat al Salam - Oasis of peace - A village where Jewish and Arab people live together. Meet with people from the village and listen to their stories and experiences. Learn about the tragic and magnificent history of the place and the region.
Take part in an art and peace workshop to help understand the essence of Neve Shalom and what it stands for.  Visit Latrun monastery and winery.


In the footsteps of the Ark of the Covenant

Arc of covenant Dead seaThe Ark of the Covenant is one of the most magnificent historical mysteries that began more then 3000 years ago. This tour is a unique opportunity to follow the journey of the Ark of the Covenant through the holy land and to explore the fascinating question of where the Ark is today. The tour will include a combination of beautiful natural sites, historical monuments, personal stories and meetings in villages where people live today.




Where are the canaanites?

Why is Jerusalem referred to as Sacred?
Why is the Foundation Stone so important/precious?
Why would the messiah arrive specifically from the Mount of Olives?
Why are Tempelschurches and Mosques sanctified in the actual place they are located? What ancient and mysterious symbols are scattered through out the ancient city of Jerusalem and Israel?
In order to fully understand the common beliefs today, we need also to travel back thousands of years and look into how the ancient traditions established their beliefs in relation to the forces of nature at that time.
We shall venture on a journey tracking the mysterious and fascinating native peoples which settled on this land in the past.
We shall learn about the pantheon Canaanite gods, read sources about their presence and exploits. We shall learn about ancient symbolism and most of all gain understanding of how the earth, water, sky and fire, the topography and the ancient civilizations shaped beliefs, traditions and symbols known untill today.
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Tours are designed for:

errow_en Large groups, institutions and organizations (bus or up to 60 people)

errow_en Private groups (single travelers, couples, families, small groups)

errow_en Students (educational seminars and tours with dialogue and discussion)

errow_en Faculty and organization staff

What makes our tours unique?

The tours emphasize the encounter and human experience and include stories, music, workshops, exciting encounters with inspiring people and organizations, experiencing the magic of nature and visits to special places hidden from the crowds.

errow_en Tours are given in Hebrew or English (option of some Spanish and Arabic)

errow_en Tours range from a few hours to a week.

errow_en Guide lives in Jerusalem vicinity saving the cost of a hotel room for guide.


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Unforgettable Experiences & encounters in Israel & Palestine

Our tours emphasize the encounter and human experience and include stories, music, workshops, exciting encounters with diverse inspiring people and organizations, experiencing the magic of nature and visits to special places hidden from the crowds.


Tour for change -

The Tour Guide Prayer

May it be
That I will be a guide
as a bridge between all humans
and accept them as they are
That I will be able
to bring them close together
to create understanding between them, and
to see everyone as one.
Let me be a guide to raise awareness and
curiosity within all groups.
May it be
That our journeys will be safe and
we will return in peace.


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