Optional Itinerary for 9 days Trip in Israel and the West bank:


Day 1 : Arrival to Ben Gurion airport
On your own
Transfer to Jerusalem
Day 2 : East Jerusalem and the Old city
* Sleep in Jerusalem
* No need for transportation
 Day 3 : Jerusalem west side
* Sleep in Jerusalem
* No need for transportation
Day 4 : West bank (with Palestinian guide)
* Sleep in Jerusalem
* Optional home stay in BethLehem
* You need transportatioz
Day 5 : The Dead sea
* Sleep in the Galilee
* Optional Masada and sleep in Ein Gedi
* You need transportation
Day 6 : Galilee and Safed
* Sleep in the Galilee or Golan
* You need transportation
Day 7 : Golan hieghts
* Sleep in Tel aviv
* You need transportation
Day 8 : Tel aviv and Jaffa
* Sleep Tel aviv
* No need for transportation
Day 9 : Free day in Tel aviv
* On your own
* Departure

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Optional Itinerary for Jerusalem Old city day tour:

Jaffa gate.
The Dome of the rock (open Sunday-Thursday mornings)
The Muslim quarter.
The Western Wall.
Rooftop overlook.
The Jewish quarter.
The Roman Cardo.
The church of the holy sepulcher.
The Christian quarter.
The secret garden.
The Armenian quarter.
Back to Jaffa gate.

* The time frame is ~ 8AM to 3PM





Guiding fees for privet one day tours:
errow_en 1 person : total 320$
errow_en 2 persons : total 340$
errow_en 3-4 persons : total 360$
errow_en 5-10 persons : total 380$
errow_en 11-40 persons : total 440$
* All fees in US$ Dollar.

* Additional 40$ for sleepover and Saturday.
* Additional 40$ for Masada sunrise tours.

* 20$ discount Per day for a seed family group.
Transportation fees:


Privet transportation:

errow_en Van (up to 8 people) + driver : total 400$
errow_en Minibus (up to 20 people) + driver : total 550$
errow_en Bus (up to 45 people) + driver : total 800$

* Additional 50$ in case of long distance (more then 200 Km/125 Mile in one day)
* All cars are new VIP cars
* In city tours (Jerusalem/Jaffa/Tel aviv) there is no need for privet transportation


Rental car option:

You can rent a car and drive it, guide will join you (if you drive safely :)


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