21 years experience in leading leadership workshops, training mentors/facilitators , training materials development, organization consulting. The impact of that work is meaningful to thousands of students and workers in dozens of organization and institutes.

Autobiography creating discussion and inspiration:

life stories sharing EcoME

Exploring our humanity:  Elad tells his life story…from his childhood in the development town of Ofakim, the child of immigrants from Morocco, through the ethical challenges of being a combat soldier, to stories of travels and dreams to his present work of building trust and bringing people of different religions and cultures closer together, and the complexity of this work. The workshop is designed for the client and can include thought-provoking discussions with the group.


errow_en 10 years experience in sharing personal stories: speaking engagements abroad, radio show host, workshops for tourists, groups, teachers and the general public.

errow_en Languages: Hebrew, English, Spanish and some Arabic

errow_en Appropriate for: Organizations, staff, youth, soldiers, tourists and more

“Elad Vazana led a powerful and participatory workshop on how to convert imagined enemies into friends through sharing life stories. Elad, an Israeli Jew of Moroccan descent, did a masterful job of creating a safe space for people to share stories in ways that created openings where before only walls might have existed.”
Charles Gibbs, URI’s founding Executive Director

Sharing life stories and music as a bridge between cultures and people.

workshop with Elad Vazana Oasis of Peace

Involvement of the group members in sharing stories from their lives, accompanied by live music. To create an atmosphere that brings participants closer together and build trust. Improvement in the functioning and communication of organizational teams.


errow_en 21 years experience facilitating group dialogue and training facilitators.

errow_en This workshop is appropriate also for intercultural groups, and team building as well as leadership training.

errow_en Appropriate for: employee teams, educators, foundation members, tourists, general public and more..

“Under the leadership of Elad, we have passed through a deep proccess which by it we gain pedagogic and social tools which helps us alot in our multicultural work. Thanks to him, we became more professional, more Skilled and most significantly, more sensitive.” 
Tikva Bracha, CEO, Anew way

You can read a description of my activities while I was living in Portland, Oregon during 2017 here: Reed full report (PDF)

Life stories sharing Oasis of Peace



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