Guiding fees for a privite one day tour:

errow_en 1 person : total 360$
errow_en 2 persons : total 380$
errow_en 3-4 persons : total 420$
errow_en 5-10 persons : total 440$
errow_en 11-40 persons : total 480$
It is important for me that economical reasons not be a boundary for who ever wants to come on my tours, If the guiding fees are not currently affordable for you, please do consult me personaly and I would do my best to reduce the price. 
* All children under age 18 are free.

* All fees in US Dollars.

* Additional 40$ fee for any guided tour on Saturday.
* Additional 60$ fee for Masada sunrise tours.

Transportation fees:


Privite Transportation for a singel day trip (additional to guiding fee)

errow_en Van (up to 6 people) + driver : total 400$
errow_en Minibus (up to 20 people) + driver : total 500$
errow_en Bus (up to 45 people) + driver : total 700$

* Additional 50$ fee for long distance (more then 200 Km/125 Miles in one day)
* All cars are new VIP cars
* No need for privite transportation for city tours (Jerusalem/Jaffa/Tel aviv)


Rental car option:

If you choose to rent a car and drive it, the guide can join you (if you drive safely :)

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